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von Goetz, Natalie, Dr.

ETH Zürich
Dr. Natalie von Goetz
Inst. f. Chemie- u. Bioing.wiss.
HCI G 129
Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1
8093 Zuerich

Phone: +41 44 632 09 75


Human exposure analysis

* new methodology for assessing aggregate consumer exposure

* exposure modelling for emerging chemicals with toxicological effects at low concentrations (e.g. endocrine disrupting chemicals)

Advisory boards

External expert in SCCS Working group "Cosmetic Ingredients" (since 2015)

External expert in SCCS Working group "Nanomaterials in cosmetics" (since 2014)

Expert panel Kommission Expo of the German Bundesamt für Risikobewertung (BfR) (since 2014)

External expert in EFSA-Working group on “Uncertainty in Risk Assessment“ (since 2013)

Exernal expert in EFSA-Working group on Bisphenol A (2012-2015)


"Consumer exposure assessment" in ETH-Course "Substance-oriented risk analysis" with Prof. K Hungerbühler (ETHZ) (since 2012)

"Risk analysis of chemicals" in ETH-Course "Ecological systems ananlysis" with Prof. S Hellweg (ETHZ) (since 2016)

“Consumer exposure modeling” in advanced studies programme “Regulatory Science” of the Swiss Centre of Toxicology (SCAHT), 2015

“Environmental exposure modeling” in advanced studies programme “Regulatory Science” of the Swiss Centre of Toxicology (SCAHT), 2015

"Risk analysis of chemicals" in ETH-Course "Analysis and Evaluation of Environmental Sustainability" (2011-2014)

Curriculum Vitae

ETH Zürich: Consumer Exposure Assessment, Group Leader "Human Exposure Analysis" (since 2008)

BASF AG, Ludwigshafen: Expert for Environmental Exposure Modeling, Laboratory Manager, Expert for the Fate of Plant Protection Products in the Environment (1997-2007)

TU Braunschweig: PhD- Thesis "Regionalisation of pesticide decay in soil" (1997)

Uni Heidelberg: Diploma in Chemistry, Diploma thesis "Molecular Modelling of Cobalt-tripod-complexes" (1992)



Dudzina T, Delmaar C, Biesterbos J, Bakker M, Bokkers B, Scheepers P, van Engelen J, Hungerbuehler K, von Goetz N (2015)The probabilistic aggregate consumer exposure model (PACEM): Validation and comparison to a lower-tier assessment for the cyclic siloxane D5, Environment International, 79,8-16.

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Bachler G, von Goetz N, Hungerbuehler K (2015) Using physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling for dietary risk assessment of titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles , Nanotoxicology, 9 (3), 373-380.

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von Goetz N, Fabricius L, Glaus R, Weitbrecht V, Günther D, Hungerbühler K (2013) Migration of silver from commercial plastic food containers and implications for consumer exposure assessment, Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A, 30, 612–620.

von Goetz N, Lorenz C, Windler L, Nowack B, Heuberger MP, Hungerbühler K (2013) Migration of Ag- and TiO2-(nano)particles from textiles into artificial sweat under physical stress: Experiments and exposure modeling, Environ. Sci. Technol., 2013, 47 (17), pp 9979–9987.

Biesterbos J, Dudzina T, Delmaar C, Bakker M, Russel F, von Goetz N, Scheepers P, Roeleveld N (2013) Usage patterns of personal care products: important factors for exposure assessment, Food and Chemical Toxicology, 55, 8-17.

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Von Götz, N. (1997): Regionalisierung des Herbizidabbaus im Boden unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Bentazon –Datenerhebung und Modellbildung-. Schriftenreihe Landschaftsökologie und Umweltforschung, Heft 28, Selbstverlag Institut für Geographie und Geoökologie der TU Braunschweig.

Conference papers (selected)

Von Götz, N., M. Wormuth, M. Scheringer, K. Hungerbühler (2008): Consumer Exposure to Bisphenol A: Total Exposure Levels relating to Everyday Life of the General Western European Population, SETAC-GLB, Frankfurt/M, Germany.

Von Götz, N. (2005): Entwicklung von Pflanzenschutzmitteln: Vorgehen und Problematik, Proceedings of LUBW-Conference "Pflanzenschutzmittel und Gewässer", Bayerische Landesanstalt für Wasserforschung, München (Hrsg.)

Richter, O. & N. von Götz (1996): Prediction of herbicide kinetics by means of a Fuzzy Expert system. Proceedings of the X Symposium on Pesticide Chemistry, Piacenza, Italia, 425-432.

Von Götz, N., O. Richter (1996): Vorhersage von Herbizidkinetiken durch ein FUZZY-Expertensystem, Z. PflKrankh. PflSchutz, Sonderh. XV, 635-641.


Höck J, Epprecht T, Hofmann H, Höhner K, Krug HF, Lorenz C, Limbach L, Gehr P, Nowack B, Riedicker M, Schirmer K, Schmid B, Som C, Stark W, Studer C, Ulrich A, von Götz N, Wengert S, Wick P (2010). Guidelines on the Precautionary Matrix for Synthetic Nanomaterials, Version 2.


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