Safety and Environmental Technology Group


 Working Papers

Investigation of the environmental persistence and long-range transport of endosulfan with the CliMoChem model.

by L. Becker, M. Scheringer, U. Schenker, K. Hungerbühler, February 2011.


Analysis of Four Current POP Candidates with the OECD Pov and LRTP Screening Tool

by M. Scheringer, M. MacLeod, F. Wegmann, June 2006.


POP Candidates 2007: Model Results on Overall Persistence and Long-Range Transport Potential obtained with the OECD Pov and LRTP Screening Tool, 

by F. Wegmann, M. MacLeod, M. Scheringer, February 2007.


Model Results for Overall Persistence and Potential f or Long Range Transport f or the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution Protocol on Persistent Organic Substances Candidate Substances.

by M. MacLeod, F. Wegmann, M. Scheringer, June 2007.

  From the publication "Improving Data Quality for Environmental Fate Models: A Least-Squares Adjustment Procedure for Harmonizing Physicochemical Properties of Organic Compounds"
by U. Schenker, M. MacLeod, M. Scheringer, K. Hungerbühler,
Environ. Sci. Technol. 39 (2005), 8434–8441.

Modeling the Environmental Fate of Polybrominated Diphenylethers in Lake Thun.

Diploma Thesis by Markus Bläuenstein.Department of Environmental Sciences, ETH Zürich, October 2007.


Scheringer, M., MacLeod, M.; Overview of the OECD Pov and LRTP Screening Project. pdf

Scheringer, M., MacLeod, M., Wegmann, F.; The OECD Pov and LRTP Screening Tool, Version 2.0 Manual. pdf

Correction of Loss Rate Constants of PCB 28 and 52 in the Northern Hemisphere as Determined by J.Axelman and D.Broman,Tellus 53B, 235-259, 2001   Stroebe, M., Stocker, J., Scheringer, M., Hungerbuehler, K.

 Software / Tools

BCF Tool

Software for estimation of log Bioconcentration Factors (BCFs)


Software for modeling the fate and transport of mercury in the world


A module to analyse and modify the multi-dimensional output from multi-media environmental chemistry models, and export the resulting data-sets to NetCDF files for further analysis and visualization.



Multimedia Transport Model for Calculating Persistence and Spatial Range


The Tool

The OECD Screening Tool for Overall Persistence and Long-Range Transport Potential


Least squares adjustment spreadsheet


­Modeling aerosol suspension from soils and oceans as sources of micropollutants to air.

CSTD HalfLife Tool
A spreadsheet to estimate human elimination half-lives of persistent chemicals from cross-sectional trend data (CSTD).


EHS Assessment Tool

Environmental, Health and Safety Assessment of Solvents



Environmental Assessment of Waste Solvent Treatment


Fine chem 

Molecular Structure – Based Models (MSMs) to approximate energy use and environmental impacts of cradle to gate production of chemicals.


A software for the kinetic modelling of spectroscopic, calorimetric and concentration data

Matlab function to extrapolate values for non-detects of data stored in an Excel spreadsheet, using the robust ROS procedure by Helsel.

Helsel, D. R. (2005). Nondetects and data analysis : statistics for censored environmental data. Hoboken, N.J., Wiley-Interscience


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